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Motocross Track in Villa La Angostura, Los Lagos (Neuquen) - Argentina


Villa La Angostura

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Located in an enclave of lakes unique in the world in Patagonia, this argentine world class mx track was chosen several times as the favorite of the pilots, press and sponsors of all of the official MXGP calendar.

The terrain of this circuit is also unique since the sandy soil has been mixed naturally with volcanic ash that technicians finally mixed when creating the layout. That's where the characteristic black color of the circuit sand comes from. This type of soil allows the creation of huge ruts on the track as the laps go by.

If you go to the Pptagonian race sit well in one of its elevated areas for the fans (some with 95% of visibility) and take a good place. Don´t miss the spectacular 30 meters triple. Move through its 14 curves and enjoy watching the best riders along its 1600m. Most are very fast and the orography of the place has been combined with artificial elements to create great jumps and plateaus as well as dubbies in the flatter areas.

Located 50 km from the airport of Bariloche, 160 km from Osorno (Chile) and 110 km from SM of the Andes you can make the route of the 7 lakes if you come from the North or the incredible views of the Carretera Austral if you come from Chile. The views from all the roads are stunning, though.

The event gained notoriety having been broadcast live to 180 countries and hosting 25,000 fans during the days of the race. With this letter of introduction we can say that it is one of the best motocross tracks in the world. But if you are thinking about riding on this dream circuit, forget it, unless you are a professional driver and participate in one of the races officially organized. It's a shame that after the investment so high that it involves riding a world-class circuit is only used to organize professional racing events and not open to amateur pilots to go out to train.

You can use the camping provided by the organization to spend the weekend of the race.
If you want to stay at the hotel, remember to book with enough time: in past editions all accommodation places in Villa La Angostura were fully booked. Another option if you do not want to miss the REVS is to spend the night in one of the closest cities such as San Martín or Bariloche

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