85 Motocross tracks in Argentina

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Argentina has placed itself on the international motocross scene hosting a MXGP race since 2015 and renewing its organization until 2021. But Argentina wanted to go further and Patagonia Race Track, located in one of the country's tourism jewels, was voted again as the best MX circuit of 2017's championship according to the official riders, sponsors and journalists. No tricks.

The national motocross championship, officially organized by CONAM, hosts 8 races every year throughout Argentina including dates of both Minicross and women's championship (WMX).

If we add the return of an Argentine team to the Motocross of Nations and the large number of circuits scattered throughout the country, there is no doubt that Argentines are rad.

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Motocross Tracks Map for Argentina
Closed Tracks in Argentina
The following tracks are closed, but still make a great piece of our sport's history, and who knows if one day those could revive.