Lustosa - Lousada

Motocross Track in Porto - Portugal


Voltas e Rodas

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Lustosa - Lousada Motocross Track map

Lustosa - Lousada is a motocross and supercross track located in Porto (Portugal). It is also known as Voltas e Rodas.

There are 2 tracks in the complex.

Lustosa is a motocross track built on hard pack. A layout featuring uphills and downhills, off-cambers and 15 jumps:

  • table topx5 table top
  • doublesx3 doubles
  • rollersx3 rollers
  • whoopsx2 whoops
  • step upx1 step up
  • rythm sectionx1 rythm section

Lousada is a supercross track built on hard pack. A layout featuring off-cambers and 10 jumps:

  • doublesx3 doubles
  • rythm sectionsx2 rythm sections
  • triplesx2 triples
  • table topx1 table top
  • step offx1 step off
  • whoopsx1 whoops

The complex hosted races from:

  • Campeonato Regional Norte de Motocross
  • Campeonato Nacional de Supercross de Portugal

Open - Free access
Vehicles Allowed
Dirt Bikes
Facilities available
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