Supercross Track in Arões (São Romão), Fafe (Braga) - Portugal


Crossódromo de Arões

Fafe Supercross Track map

Just outside of Arões (São Romão), Fafe - Braga (Portugal) we find Fafe supercross track. It is known also with the name of Crossódromo de Arões.

The track (600 meters large by 6 meters wide) is built on hard pack. A layout featuring off-cambers and 7 jumps:

  • doublesx4 doubles
  • table topx1 table top
  • whoopsx1 whoops
  • rythm sectionx1 rythm section

The track hosted races from the Campeonato Nacional de Supercross de Portugal.

We have some bad news. Fafe supercross seems to be

Permanently closed

Track reopened?

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